music, it's language...

— Enos Payne

Peter Kevin Kofod : Is trained at the RDMC and Rythmic Conservatorie of Copenhagen.He plays the Bass or the elegant Guitar on the Jazzy Lounge Music, that has become ClassJazz´s trademark.

Peter has 35 years of experience and has been on the Danish Music Scene in many occasions as an allround and professionel Musician.

He plays the Bass, Double- or Electric, with a personal and sophisticated touch. Guitar, Drums, Piano... you name it... If there´s an instrument, he can´t let it be....

The funky style from his own Compositions makes a twist to his playing, and You can easily hear that he has a heart for music, and a well-trained and educated ear. fact he had also played The french Horn as a Classical educated musician in Symphony Orchestras and Big Bands.

I'm not here to raise hippie consciousness, I'm here to wet some panties.

— Jaco Pastorius

Berit Engblad : Sings a soft and caracteristic Vocal that clings to Your heart and ear. Together with Peters playing it makes the original ClassJazz Sound.

Berit is a singer who sings with her heart and soul and she often makes the Blues sneak in to the Music.

She has experience as a Band Singer for more than 12 Years, and has made her way to Jazz through her ear for Ballads and soulful singing. She was brought up wtih Country Music, Elvis and Fats Domino as well as Blues

Never thinking she ended up singing the Jazz, she just can´t resist it...just as You can´t resist her voice...

Jazz is a feeling, more than anything else. It isn't

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