Gigs In 2017

06/01 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

07/01 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

13/01 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

14/01 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

15/01 Music House Cph?

20/01 MK Kbh.

21/01 Private Gig

22/01 Music House Cph.

04/02 Rågeleje Jazz ClassJazz Quart

10/02 VinterJazz Kbh.

11/02 VinterJazz Kbh.

11/02 VinterJazz Kbh.

12/02 VinterJazz Kbh.

19/02 Private Gig.

25/02 VinterJazz Kbh.

26/02 VinterJazz Kbh.

Gigs In 2016

14/01 Råhuset

31/01 Artimus Production indspilning

05/02 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

06/02 Rågeleje Jazz

Berit Engblad Quintet

11/02 Hotel Savoy Jazz-Club

Berit Engblad Quintet

12/02 Hotel Savoy Jazz-Club

ClassJazz Quartet

13/02 Hotel Savoy Jazz-Club

ClassJazz Duo

14/02 Hotel Savoy Jazz-Club

ClassJazz Duo

19/02 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

20/02 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

22/02 Altimus Productions CD-indsp. 

26/02 Savoy Foyér

ClassJazz Duo feat.

Simon Thorsen

27/02 Hotel Savoy Jazz-Club

ClassJazz Duo

28/02 Hotel Savoy Jazz-Club

ClassJazz Duo

04/03 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

05/03 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

18/03 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

19/03 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

01/04 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

02/04 Privat gig NS

02/04 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

15/04 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

16/04 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

29/04 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

30/04 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

07/05 Fransk Forår i Præstø

13/05 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

14/05 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

27/05 Kaffe Baren Hillerød-Sum.Night

Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

28/05 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

29/05 Crazy Kager Hillerød Sum.Night

04/06 Rågeleje Jazz

10/06 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

11/06 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

24/06 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

25/06 Cph. Plaza ClassJazz Trio

01/07 Savoy ClassJazz Duo

02/07 Savoy

ClassJazz Trio

Hotel Savoy Jazz-Club

ClassJazz Quartet

03/07 Savoy

ClassJazz Trio

04/07 Savoy

ClassJazz Duo

05/07 Savoy ClassJazz Duo

06/07 Savoy ClassJazz Duo

Hotel Savoy Cph. Jazz-Club

Peter Kevin Kofod Quintet

07/07 Savoy ClassJazz Duo

08/07 Savoy ClassJazz Duo

Library Bar ClassJazz Trio

09/07 Savoy ClassJazz Trio

Hotel Savoy Cph. Jazz-Club

ClassJazz Trio feat.

Berit Engblad

Hotel Savoy Cph. Jazz-Club

ClassJazz Trio feat.

Anne Kristine Lauritzen

Library Bar ClassJazz Trio

10/07 Savoy ClassJazz Trio

Hotel Savoy Cph. Jazz-Club

Berit Engblad Quintet

22/07 Library Bar ClassJazz Trio

23/07 Library Bar ClassJazz Trio

29/07 Savoy Jazz

29/07 Library Bar

30/07 Savoy Jazz

30/07 Library Bar

05/08 Library Bar Trio

06/08 Glumsø HD Kvartet

06/08 Rågeleje Jazz

ClassJazz Quartet

06/08 Library Bar ClassJazz Trio

12/08 Library Bar

13/08 Library Bar ClassJazz Sextet

19/08 Library Bar ClassJazz Quintet

20/08 Haslev Private gig

20/08 Library Bar ClassJazz Quartet

26/08 Altimus Studiet

26/08 Library Bar ClassJazz

27/08 Library Bar ClassJazz

27/08 Savoy Jazz-Club

02/09 Library Bar ClassJazz

03/09 Rågeleje Jazz

03/09 Library Bar ClassJazz

09/09 Library Bar ClassJazz

10/09 Library Bar ClassJazz

16/09 Library Bar ClassJazz

17/09 Library Bar ClassJazz

23/09 Library Bar ClassJazz

24/09 Savoy Jazz ClassJazz

24/09 Library Bar ClassJazz

Gigs In 2015

3 Duo-Concerts at Fashion-week

5 Concerts at CPH-Winter-JazzFestival

CD: ClassJaz-Quartet

CD: ClasJazz-Complexe

CD: Produkt., Master. and playin/ singing for Marckus Stein Hjelland

ClassJazz-Duo/Trio/Quartet TV-Production

32 Gigs at CPH-JazzFestival

Tour In Sweden

Tour In Norway

Tour In Denmark

Privat gigs

6 Gigs at Rågeleje Jazz

6 concert's at Søstjernen

Concert at Små Spanske Fristelser

Concerts at Hotel Savoy Jazz-Club

5 Christmas-Gigs

Gig's in 2014:.

Reception at YOGAISTEN

Charity for Hornbæk-havn

Private gig at Kbh-kommune

Private gig at Lære-foreningen

Koncert at Paradis in Hornbæk

Savoy Hotel ESC Foyer-Jazz

Wedding at Jægersborg Church

18 x gigs at Cph Jazz-Festival 2014

Several gigs at the Savoy

24 dec. Plays for homeless In Copenhagen 

 Gig's in 2013:.

Privat gig at FIH

Recording at Altimus Studio's

Café NuTid

Houseband at City Hotel -

Recital, Frederiksberg

DR - Studio II

Privat gig with Dram bigband & Quartet

Café "Ved Søen" - several gigs

Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2013

Hotel Savoy - most featured Band

Café "Små Spanske Fristelser"

Private gig´s - weddings, anniversaries, Birthdays

CD RELEASE September 2013

Christmas-gig at Kbh. miljøforvaltning.

6 x Christmas-gig at "Ved Søen"

Latest Gigs in 2012:.

Wedding, Privat gig

50 years Birthday, private gig

50 years Birthday, private gig

Lodge at Odd Fellow's

Skagen, dk

Bass2012, Convention

Lodge at Freemason's

Jazz Festival Copenhagen 2012

Weddingreception, private gig

Concerts in Clubs and Lodges

Restaurant Bistroen, Cph



Starting recordings for new CD at